About Me


I suppose that if there is a song lyric that really sums me up, it would be “a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll”.  You can find me on most days wearing my cowgirl boots and cooking up a pie, all while sporting a few tattoos and listening to some classic rock.  I ADORE cooking for my family and loved ones and my flavor style is Sonoran meets TexMex meets Southern style American food.  Yummy stuff!!image

My husband works for the good ol American railroad and I am a railroad wife.  It’s kind of an exclusive club we have going and I’m proud to be a part of it.  We (him, myself and our two toddler boys) live in a pretty lil house in a pretty lil town called Granbury, TX.  Talk about America’s heartland!  It like living in a Hallmark Channel movie…don’t even get me started on the holidays around here!

Anyway, I hope to bring a little bit of my home into yours with easy, tasty, belly-filling grub!  Nothing I make is too hard (or I wouldn’t be making it) or too expensive (again, I wouldn’t be making it).   Thank you for stopping by! 💋🇺🇸

Railroad Wife...in Texas
Railroad Wife…in Texas

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